Clerk: Mrs A Rose
37 Brickle Wood Avenue, Poringland, Norwich, NR14 7TS
Tel: 01508 491709
Email: stokeholycross.pc(at)

You can contact any of the Parish Councillors directly using the following details:

Chair: Lyn Marsh
Tel: 01508 493422
Email: marsh.stokehx(at)

Vice Chairman: Charles Bussey
Chair of Planning Committee
Tel: 01508 492569
Email: charlesbussey007(at)

Councillor: Christine Cann
Chair of Playing Field Committee
Tel: 01508 493962
Email: christinecann(at)

Councillor: Sandy Collins
Tel: 01508 495590
Email: sandy.stoke(at)

Councillor: Glyn Davies
Chair of New Pavilion Working Group
Tel: 01508 494441
Email: greenbank(at)

Councillor: Leanne Florence
Tel: 07725 086949

Councillor: Jim Hopper
Tel: 01508 494359
Email: jimmyhopper(at)

Councillor: Giancarlo Iaccarino
Tel: 01508 494411
Email: carlomill3(at)

Councillor: Ron Wright
Responsible for traffic issues
Tel: 01508 494329
Email: heatherfitzsimons(at)